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QSK EHK Quality matters to us!


Quality matters to us!

To help you maintain the quality of your POCT devices in your practice, we have been providing you with an external quality assessment service since 2012, through an ISO/IEC 17043:2010 accredited company. This standard is required and recognized by health insurance companies in the country.

QSK external quality assessment

The most cost-effective solution for doctors in the Czech Republic

  • Full range of all POCT checks.
  • Evaluation of the FOB POCT parameter (occult bleeding) is performed according to the latest MHCR BULLETIN with a maximum deviation of ± 25%.
  • Convenient control package for Troponin (I and T) + NT-proBNP, 2 controls in 1 (save the price of one control).
  • EQA check only 1 per year
  • Certificate in Czech language, recognized by all insurance companies in the Czech Republic, FREE sent by email. You do not pay for the electronic certificate.
  • We send you a free SMS and email reminder of your regular annual check. Multiple checks can be ordered for one appointment. You know exactly when to expect your inspections.
  • As a matter of principle, we do not use any portals open to the public to manage QSK EQA checks. You can manage everything online via
  • We are at your disposal in our call centre..

If your diary for 2024 is already starting to fill up, don't forget to make a note of the dates for each external quality assessment cycle (QSK EQA) of your POCT diagnostic instruments. An overview of each cycle and the dates by which you need to send in your order, when we will deliver your samples and when the results are due is attached to this letter, or you can also find it online at .

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